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Having a dog is not enough, how you take care of that puppy is what matter. In the canine’s world, there are a number of things you can do to keep your dog happy and strong. This article walks you through a number of dog management activities you must know. Interested in learning more, keep reading.

How do you calculate you puppy age
Understanding your canine age is significant. When you have accurate data of your dogs age, it becomes straightforward to manage them. If planning to give benefit you dogs at each stage of their growth, make sure you have accurate data on their age. To effect this you must be in a position to calculate dog’s age appropriately. Take a quick tour at PawCastle, at this site you can get great idea on how to calculate a canine age.

What for the elderly dogs? Light activities and proper diet and more is all they need to live longer. It time to allow them to rest, and if possible give them special diet to boost their energy and state of health. For a list of food best for puppies at each of development stage, visit PawCastle. Here you will find a well elaborate list of food alongside the stage at which the dog is fit for the food.

Can you tell when your dog is in heat
What sign or behavior do you look at to determine if the dog is on heat. By knowing the time when your dog is on heat is a plus if planning to cross breed. Do you want to have a control of your dogs pregnancy, consider having the knowledge of its heat period.

How long is you puppy gestation period? Keep reading to find the gestation period of your dog. If are new to the puppy world, calculating the gestation period will be a challenge. Ready, it is time to find the answer you have been waiting. But that should not worry you, by taking a brief tour at PawCastle you can read more on how determine the length of dog pregnancy.
Are you comfortable on how you handle your canines? Do you need to see your dog for long? Consider, handling the dog professionally. Lack of information is one factor that often make us head the wrong direction. Do all you can to administer senior dog care professionally, it is by doing that you can rest assured puppies will live longer.

Better how you treat your dog by adopting the discussed information. If you feel you need more information do not hesitate to visit PawCastle, the most trusted dog site.

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